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A winch is a motorized rope that is wrapped around a large drum. When you turn the winch on, the Drum spins, wrapping the rope tighter–pulling along whatever might be attached to it. You’ve seen them on many vehicles such as trucks with big tires and giant spotlights on their roll bars. Here at Oakland Park Towing Company, we use these same kinds of winches to pull wrecked vehicles out of ditches or hills and onto our flatbed trucks. If you’re ever stuck in Broward County in any type of sticky situation give us here at Oakland park Towing Company call.

Oakland Park Towing Company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you out with whatever you need. Whether you’re stuck in the muck or require only a tow, our winching service in Oakland Park, FL is ready and willing to assist. Give us a call at (754) 799-8866.  the next time you need assistance.

Are There Different Kinds Of Winches?

Oakland Park Towing Company primarily uses electric winches, which are powered by electricity from our trucks. However, we also have air-powered winches in case of emergency situations.

The type of winch we use differs based on the situation. An electric winch is best for lighter vehicles or those being towed over short distances, while an air-powered one is better suited for heavier loads or greater distances. However, no matter what kind of winch we’re using, Oakland Park Towing Company will always provide stellar service.

When Will You Need A Winch?

Winches are fantastic for getting vehicles unstuck, but they can also tow cars that have broken down. If your engine dies on the side of the road and you don’t have a means to restart it, we might use our winch to put your car on one of our flatbed trucks and bring it back to our shop.

Winches can also be used to move vehicles around in our shop. If we need to get your car up on a lift, we’ll use a winch to pull it into place.


So Hydraulic Winches Are For Big Trucks?

That’s correct. If you’re driving a large SUV or a commercial truck that’s beyond the capabilities of an electric winch, we turn to hydraulic equipment. This bad boy is fueled by our vehicle’s hydraulic fluid and can tow anything from cars to RVs..

Oakland Park Towing Company is Broward County’s most experienced towing and winching business. We can assist with any vehicle, regardless of make or condition, and we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call the next time you need assistance with towing or winching.

I Need To Get To The Top Of Lauderhill

There are no hills in Lauderhill–just as there are no dales in Fort Lauderdale! That being said, we can still help you get to the top of wherever you need to be. Oakland Park Towing Company is Broward County’s number one provider of flatbed truck services. We can haul anything from cars to RVs, and we’re available 24/7.

Give us a call the next time you need a hand getting to the top. Whether you’re stuck in the muck or just need a tow, Oakland Park Towing Company is here to help.

In addition to our winching service, we also offer a range of other services to keep your vehicle in top shape. This includes motorcycle towing, fuel delivery, car towing, and more.

No matter what type of vehicle you have or what kind of trouble you’re in, Oakland Park Towing Company has the experience and equipment to get the job done right. We’re available 24/7, so give us a call.

If you’re really stuck and don’t know whom to ask for help, give Oakland Park Towing Company a call at (754) 799-8866.


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